This blog runs on github pages. It was created by following this excellent post by Chad Baldwin.

I wanted to add a comments feature. After a little googling, I came across a github app called utternces

This seems to work well, so I thought I’d document the steps I took to implement in case any more users of Chad’s blog template would like to follow.

Install the App

I didn’t even know github apps were a thing! It turned out the be quite easy to add, from my github repo page I navigated to the github marketplace and clicked the setup button

After installation, it should be possible to check you have it installed correctly by navigating to Settings\Integrations\GitHub apps from your github repo - as shown below


Adding the Comment Block

To add the comment block, I simply pasted the following at the foot of my markdown page:

<script src=""

I hope this helps someone. If it does, or if I’ve missed something, please leave a comment :)

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